I recently was Inclined to Drink a Different Brand of Coffee(The Shear sake of being Out).It was a Local Baton Rouge Coffee Roaster and they Hand do most Batches.I was Very Very Impressed with Their Coffee.Being From New Orleans I was a Coffee Snob .I can drink a fair Share of Coffee and Chicory but I also Love 100% Arabica.Let me tell Ya’ They got Dat Too.There Acadian Blend Medium Roast is my Favorite Nutty with a Good Strong Fragrance.I also was Privy to their Coffee and Chicory Thanks to My Dad Having Some and It was quiet refreshing to Say The Least.Moderately Priced at Wholefoods for 5.99 and slightly Higher at Rouse’s Market 6 something.I strongly Suggest if your a Coffee affectionado like me You will order Some.Ya Don’t Know What Your Missing if You Don’t.

River Road Coffee Baton Rouge

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