What’s Dat About?

Frenchmen Street In the Summer

Its usually a Slow Time of Year.It can get pretty hot so if your coming to Town in June July or August Make sure you drink plenty water.The Bands are usually still around and if you check our livewire link you can find where they are performing.Even Though it.s hot you can get real nice […]

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New Orleans R&B

Some People call it New Orleans R&B.Others it’s Swamp Pop.I just call New Orleans Music. It’s Not Complicated and that’s the kicker.You can Over play. It’s meant to be Funky or a Groove Growing up here You always got a Mixture of all New Orleans has to offer.The best of all styles. I love to […]

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Tropical Storm Warnings 6/18/17

Hopefully its a Smaller Tropical Storm.But just be ready Have you some extra Water and Food. Remove anything that may become a missle in your yard.That last trick can save you and You neighbors alot of Money from Broken Windows too.Flying Objects can cause Serious Bodily Injury and Possible Death.I like the noaa Maps. http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/graphics_at3.shtml?cone#contents

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